Celtic Design Pinback Buttons by Bradley W. Schenck
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Irish knot  Pinback Buttons from Ars Celtica
Thor's Hammer Buttons

You can get these round (and some square) pinback buttons in a range of sizes, from a self-effacing 1 1/4" to an emphatic 6".

The prices shown are for the 2 1/4" size.

Celtic Biohazard Buttons Irish Knot

Now, granted: you might rather have a penannular brooch. But unless you're gathering your cloak around you these may be a bit more practical.

They won't leave those huge holes in your clothes, for one.

Irish Knot Angel Buttons

Of course if you really do want a penannular brooch on your shirt - while avoiding the gaping holes problem - you might try this.

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Irish Knot Pinback Buttons from Ars Celtica

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