Celtic Knotwork Greeting Cards by Bradley W. Schenck
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Celtic Design Greeting Cards from Ars Celtica
These handsome 5 by 7" greeting cards come with matching envelopes, and they're discounted when you buy 10 or more.
Celtic art greeting cards
But that's just where we get started: on each of their product pages is a link that says "Customize It!" and that's a simple way to add your own messages or even your own uploaded pictures to the right and left sides of the card's interior.

So what begins as a simple greeting card can easily become customized announcements, invitations, or greetings for your own - real or imagined - holidays.

Yes, the long wait is over: you can finally mail out greeting cards that celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of the Weirs of Clontarf. Or Turlough O'Carolan's birthday. Or anything else you care to commemorate.

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Celtic Art Greeting Cards from Ars Celtica

Orders for merchandise from 'Ars Celtica' are filled by Zazzle. They're billed and shipped separately from merchandise ordered through the vendors who supply 'Saga Shirts' and my other products.