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About This Shop

And now, for something completely differentAfter nine years of its split personality - which is entertaining, mind you - I've now split this shop into two separate entities. You'll find my Celtic art at The Celtic Art Works, while my art of the Retro Future now makes its home at Retropolis.

The links in these sidebars now lead there - and along with the same merchandise that you've always found here, there's plenty more in those new shops.

About the Art
Print-on-demand gives me an opportunity to publish my own work - that is, not the work I'm hired to do, but the work that I think wants to exist. The stuff that, as a wise man once said, "blows my skirts up". I don't wear skirts. It's what you call a turn of phrase.

Celtic Knot
I went through a long spell in which was keenly interested in Celtic art - the sort of abstract decorative design that we call "Celtic Knotwork" or "Celtic Interlace". Both my grandmothers came from Irish-American families, so that's my excuse. A lot of that work has grown into the Celtic Art side of my online store, because I do still like it quite a bit and I know that some of you do, too.

Triskelion Mandala PosterBut more recently I've been exploring what I call "The Future That Never Was" - that is, it's all about the future that folks who read too much Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers thought they'd live to
see; or maybe it's the future foreseen by the 1939 New York Worlds Fair. This seems to have started with my love for the music of the 20's and 30's, but grew into an interest in the Depression era, and from that, to the sort of better futures that people in that terrible time hoped to see. What touches me about those visions is the universality of them. People hoped not so much for personal prosperity, but rather for a world in which everyone would be better off. A world where breadlines and apple sellers would be replaced by hovercars and autogyros. At a time when 25% of America's population was unemployed it just wasn't enough for any one person to do better - the world needed to be remade.

Retropolis PosterMany of those bits of the future have been invented and achieved, but we do seem to have missed out on that aspect of universality. Not to mention the personal rocket ships, which, personally, I'm still a little peeved about.

So anyway, there isn't any great social import to the work I do along those lines despite the fact that everyone tells me that I think just a little bit too much. I'm just crazy about the retro rockets, the faithful robots, the Cities of Tomorrow, and all the great and hopeful details of the Future That Never Was.

About the Artist
I always thought that I'd be a writer. It was a bit of a shock when, sometime in the middle 1970's, I realized that I was spending all my time making pictures. For the most part I've been doing that ever since.

Back in those days there weren't a heck of a lot of options for artists, so while I drew and painted and even sold my paintings I also did advertising art and designs for businesses, painted signs, did some illustration for publishers and small music labels, and worked for awhile as a draftsman.

Computers started to get awfully interesting in the late 1980s. I began to do freelance work for computer game companies, founded one, foundered it, and moved on to making and directing art at a series of game development houses. Several have been shot out from under me.

Lately I've taken a walk away from the games business and I've settled down in a little harbor town in northeastern Ohio.

My role model used to be Philip Marlowe, but I've mellowed with age: now it's Doc from "Cannery Row".

Bradley W. Schenck

About the Shop

This store is powered by CafePress, which allows me to upload designs, apply them to an amazing variety of products (including shirts, posters, cards, mugs, tiles, and a whole lot more), and set up my shop pages. It's pretty much like desktop publishing for all sorts of merchandise.

Retro Pulp SF Clock

When you place an order, they process your payment, then manufacture the goods and ship them to you. If there's a problem with the order they handle the return and refund, if needed.

Nobody keeps inventory - in addition to being like desktop publishing, it's a little like fast food. Without the cholesterol.


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Copyright 2002 - 2009, Bradley W. Schenck. Yep. That's a person, not a vast multinational corporation trying to maintain control over whatever you've downloaded to your iPod. Just a guy who'd rather do this than wash dishes for a living. So be nice, huh? If you like the art, send your friends here - don't redistribute the work, remix it, or - to speak perfectly plainly - rip it off. It's not just that it's illegal. It's also really bad manners. And I know your mother raised you better than that.

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