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When you place an order through my web site, your payment is processed - and your merchandise is shipped - by one of the vendors I use to print the goods you've purchased.

You should receive an email when your order is received; you should get another email when the order has shipped. Those emails will include links you can follow if there's a problem with the order.

T-shirt orders are handled by Spreadshirt. You can find their Customer Service information here. Archival prints orders come from DeviantArt. Their Customer Service pages are here. All my other products - the posters, coffee mugs, cards and so on - are printed and shipped by Zazzle. Their Customer Service section is here.

If you have a question or comment that is not related to an order you can contact me through the form below.

Bradley W. Schenck
Contact the Artist

Before you go I'd like to thank you for liking my work so well that you want to wear it, drink out of it, or put it on your wall. The artwork I make for my store is the work that I like best. I'm glad you liked it too.

The vendors who process my orders and ship merchandise to you don't allow us to interact directly. Should you buy something, unless you fill out the form below I'll know very little about you and your order.

Likewise, it's those vendors who have to address any problems you have with your order. They'll have sent you emails when the order was placed and shipped; those emails should have customer service links you can use to contact them about lost orders or returns.

If your message isn't about a problem - if something isn't actually blowing up, burning down, or making strange and disturbing noises - then I have to admit to you that I'm known for really bad email habits. So if I'm late in responding, or fail to respond completely, odds are it's not something you did. It's just my faulty human nature.

I don't tell anybody anything and, in fact, I may deny that I know you.
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