Retropolis: the Art of the Future That Never Was
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This page doesn't exist in the Future That Never Was

It's not that there's anything wrong with the page you wanted to see; it's just not here.

So you have to ask yourself "Was it ever here?" And that question... well, it's never been settled. Not with certainty, anyway.

All throughout Retropolis, on those dark, windy evenings when the sound of rockets overhead seems somehow less friendly than it does on sunny days, Retropolitans gather to recount the tale of the page you're looking for. It's a dark tale. It's full of loss, and regret, and hidden menace.

That page lives now only in the most unlikely and unsettling of legends.

If the page ever existed, it's probably been moved. It might have been destroyed. But the most common cause of this error is that you followed a mangled link, or typed a mangled URL into your browser's address bar. It happens.

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