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celtic artwork

Celtic Art & Design
Celtic Knotwork ArtHave a look at my celtic design books - a collection of Celtic knotwork borders, plus a whole line of decorated paperback blank books!

Celtic Art & GiftsCeltic Border Photo Cards
...while for customizable business cards & greeting cards and other Celtic design products, don't forget to visit
The Celtic Art Works.


Retro Futuristic Art
Retro Sci Fi Art
... And likewise, for fans of retro science fiction art - a series of lined or unlined blank books with covers from the world of Yesterday's Tomorrows.
Art of Retropolis

And now...
the Art of Retropolis!

Retro Future Name Tags
All my retro-future Retropolis art merchandise from all over the web, gathered together in one place. That's most of what's available here, plus t-shirts, customizable business cards, and loads of other swell stuff.

Celtic Pirate Tees
And now, for something completely differentAfter nine years of its split personality - which is entertaining, mind you - I've now split this shop into two separate entities. You'll find my Celtic art at The Celtic Art Works, while my art of the Retro Future now makes its home at Retropolis.

The links in these sidebars now lead there - and along with the same merchandise that you've always found here, there's plenty more in those new shops.
Free Screen Savers
Celtic knotwork & interlace designs on the one hand, Buck Rogers & Flash Gordon styled visions of the retro space future, on the other.  It sounds like an anchovy and jelly sandwich, doesn't it?
But it's so very much tastier.
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Copyright 2002 - 2009, Bradley W. Schenck. Yep. That's a person, not a vast multinational corporation trying to maintain control over whatever you've downloaded to your iPod. Just a guy who'd rather do this than wash dishes for a living. So be nice, huh? If you like the art, send your friends here - don't redistribute the work, remix it, or - to speak perfectly plainly - rip it off. It's not just that it's illegal. It's also really bad manners. And I know your mother raised you better than that.

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