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Celtic Artwork archival art prints
This is where it all started, for me; not everything, I mean, but this is the first way I hoped to sell my artwork through the World Wide Web.

In the late 1990's I was doing plenty of artwork with digital tools. Although it had been ten years or more since I'd been a painter it still bothered me that I no longer had originals. The work I did now seemed ephemeral when I compared it with the solid reality of the paintings I used to make.

But at first, at least for me, there wasn't a practical way - with quality - for me to sell archival prints of these works. What I did find was plenty of ways to produce other things: t-shirts, coffee mugs, calendars, books, and so on - and even posters, which were the closest thing to the long lived prints I wanted. So I started to design those t-shirts, mugs, and whatnot, and I even produced those posters that I still sell through my little online empire.

It took a few more years to find a way to offer these prints. They've joined all my other merchandise now and I'm very happy that they're here.

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