Retropolis - the Art of the Future That Never Was

When you select a mug button ('Blue Mug', 'Red Mug', etc.) you'll be whisked off to a page where you can modify and purchase a mug with your chosen title on the front and back.

The first thing you'll see is, well, the mug: but to the mug's right will be a panel where you can Personalize the mug. If you like, you can edit the title text by hand.

The title text on the mug will almost always wrap around properly - but a few very long words may be too wide for the space.

Don't panic! There's another button on the page that's labeled Customize It. If you click that button you'll be able to change the font size so that the word wraps properly. Remember to make the same change to both sides of the mug!

You can also use the Customize It button to increase the font size - nice, for the shorter titles! - and even to change the font and color for the text.

Finally, by selecting Choose your style, color and size you can select from all the different types and colors of mugs.

Re-Initiate the Title-O-Tron!

Orders for merchandise from 'The Retropolis Travel Bureau' are filled by Zazzle. They're billed and shipped separately from merchandise ordered through the other vendors who supply 'The Retropolis Transit Authority' and 'The Retropolis Rocket Works'.

Retro Future Art


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