Retropolis: Archival Art Prints from the Retro Future
Retro Sci Fi Art Prints

Archival art prints are the whole reason that I started to sell reproductions of my work through my web sites. The fact is that when I began, I didn't have a way to deliver archival prints: I started out with the posters that I still sell here. And the posters are nice! But I still wanted to offer prints that would likely outlive either you or me.

For those first couple of years I experimented with on-demand archival prints from a couple of different sources. I didn't find a printer that I wanted to use, though, until Deviant Art began their Prints service.

These prints are printed with an archival quality photographic process on Fuji Crystal Archive paper. Like any prints, they shouldn't be exposed to direct sunlight: but unlike less expensive prints these are rated to last over 100 years without fading.

Their color quality, clarity and paper weight are so much nicer than my posters that they're in a class all their own. They're pretty much the bee's knees.

You can order a print in either glossy, matte, or lustre finish. This is mainly a matter of personal taste.

Because these prints are made for you by a separate vendor, you can't combine a prints order with any other merchandise, and the prints will ship separately from any other items.

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Orders for my archival prints are filled by DeviantArt. They're billed and shipped separately from merchandise ordered through the vendors who supply my other products.